Buyers Guide for how to order bifold doors

When it comes to new bifolding doors, many different factors affect the product, the service and the price. If you are thinking about buying new bifolding doors for your home then our guide on how to order bifold doors will explain what you can expect from a professional supplier and installer.

Your bifolding door buying experience will depend upon whether you are installing doors in a new extension or you intend to replace your old patio or French doors with new bifolding doors.

When you are ready to start looking at bifolding doors a showroom is a great place to start. We always recommend visiting a bifolding door showroom as there you will see full size doors on display. This is your opportunity to try the doors, look at the fine details, ask questions and browse the various swatches for colours, handles and other bifolding door accessories.

Why a home visit is important.

If you are replacing old doors in your home or if your builder has created a new structural opening, it will be necessary to visit your property. A home visit enables us to view your property to ascertain whether there are any access considerations and to see where the doors are to be located. Your bifolding door installer can assess the door opening, look at the threshold requirements and whether any internal making good will be required.

For new structural openings or newly built extensions, we can liaise with your builder or architect to cover any special requirements such as cladding of steelwork, floor levels and drainage. When you are ready to place your order we will cover the configuration and specification of your new bifolding doors.

One of the final stages is to arrange for a Surveyor to visit your property. The Surveyor does a very important job in establishing the manufacturing sizes of your new bifolding doors to ensure they fit into the new or existing aperture. The surveyor will also take care of any other details such as establishing cill sizes and the types and sizes of internal trims or architraves.

How to choose the right bifolding door for your home.

Bi-fold doors will create a glass and aluminium wall in your home. The reality is most bifolding doors on the market are required to meet specific industry standards such as the quality of aluminium extrusions, paint finish and glass. So while you are unlikely to find a product that is not fit for purpose, bi folding doors will vary significantly in quality. A standard bifolding door will meet the required industry requirements; a quality bifolding door will exceed them.

The running gear, hinges, locking systems and handles found on a bifolding door is one of the reasons why they will vary in price. Many systems use standard hardware with widely available locking systems and handles. Our Schuco bifolding doors are renowned for their engineering and design, and they also feature handles and locking systems unique to the product. So when you do your research around bifolding doors, test them and see how they feel in use. You will notice a difference between a cheap bifolding door and one with better components.

Quality bifolding doors will also give you long-term peace of mind and will be the more reliable product for years to come.

Who makes your bifolding door?

The bifolding door supply chain is complex, and often you don’t often know who makes your bifolding doors. There are bifolding door installers that can source their doors from:

  • Trade Counters.
  • Trade Suppliers.
  • Builders Merchants.
  • Direct from the manufacturer.

There are many advantages to buying your new bifolding doors direct from the manufacturer.

  • Better Prices.
  • Faster lead times.
  • Greater colour choice.
  • More product choice.
  • Peace of mind in knowing who makes your doors.
  • Better service should service work be required.
  • Faster availability of spare parts if required.

Understanding bifolding door brands.

One of the terms you may come across in searching for a bifolding door is the brand or ‘system’. There are many different bifolding door brands. Our Schuco bifolding doors are renowned for their brand kudos and are arguably one of the most desirable bifolding doors you can buy. AluK doors are the best known in the quality but affordable range with a fantastic quality to price point.

As you research your bifolding doors, some installers claim that the system is their own. Often this is not the case but a rebrand of an existing system by that supplier. At Bifold13, the AluK and Schuco brands are two of the best known amongst bifolding doors. We are approved fabricators and installers of Schuco and AluK bifolding doors.

Installing your new bifolding doors.

On the day your new bifolding doors are installed our expert team of installers will arrive at your property with your new doors, glass and accessories. For bifolding doors going into existing openings, we will remove the old doors, make good the structural opening and prepare it to receive your new folding doors. For existing openings or where a builder is involved we will have liaised with him to create a clean and prepared opening ready to fit the new doors.

  • The frame is fitted first ensuring it is plumb, square and level.
  • The bifolding door sashes are then fixed to the frame.
  • The door glass is then fitted in the doors.
  • The door accessories such as gaskets, door magnets and door keeps are fitted.
  • Internal trimming or making good is carried out where needed.
  • Final adjustments are carried out.
  • Your new bifolding doors are ready for you to enjoy.

Contact your Schuco and AluK approved manufacturers and installers.

If you have any questions about buying bifolding doors, contact us today or why not visit our showroom. View our quality range of bifolding doors and other home improvement products on display. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements, provide a free quotation and arrange a no-obligation home survey.


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