Understanding Aluminium Windows Prices!

At Bifold 13, we manufacture a range of premium aluminium windows designed to improve your home thanks to their security, style and energy efficiency. If you are thinking of upgrading your home and considering how much do aluminium windows cost we explain how aluminium window prices differ in price and quality.

How much do aluminium windows cost?

To understand the pricing for aluminium windows you need to consider the various aspect of the product; from quality, specification, colour choices and the basic design. All of these affect the price so compromising a little on the colour or hardware choice may be a way to save money.

Aluminium window prices depend on the window sizes.

The bigger the window, the more expensive it will be. Your new aluminium windows consist of the aluminium frames and sashes, the double glazed units, locking systems and hardware. The more aluminium and glass you have, the higher the price can be.

If you are replacing your old windows in your home, we will measure your entire property and calculate your price based on the overall material required, as well as the costs to manufacture and install.

Aluminium window designs can affect the price you pay.

Aluminium windows come with a choice of frame sizes and types, different size mullions and transoms as well as a choice of cill sections, bay poles and other components. The more complex the aluminium window, the more you can expect to pay.

If you are building a new extension and desire shaped or curved windows, large picture windows or have a unique design in mind, you can expect to pay more. Shaped windows in particular or those with arched heads rely on external specialist suppliers for bending of the aluminium extrusions. Creating angles also involves a different method of manufacturing and installation. Therefore, one way of keeping window costs down is to consider more standard designs.

Aluminium window prices will change the more opening sashes you have or if you want dummy sashes to keep the sight lines of the fixed panes consistent. The more complex the window design, the greater level of workmanship is required.

Some homes feature characteristics such as box sashes, hardwood subframes or different colour frames and window sashes found in mock Tudor homes. All of these window features can be included in your new aluminium windows, helping you retain the style of your home.

Some aluminium window colours cost more than others.

While white remains a trendy colour for replacement windows, more and more people are choosing different colours. It is typical for the back of the house with a more modern extension featuring bifolding or sliding doors to have black, cream or grey aluminium windows.

One of the benefits of choosing aluminium windows is the vast choice of colours available. Not only can you choose from over 150 different shades, but there is also the option of different colours inside and out. Our Schuco aluminium windows are also available in the latest anodised or metallic effect colours creating a very contemporary looking window.
Choosing a standard colour over a special one can help keep window prices lower.

How much do aluminium windows cost? We can save you money.

So how much do aluminium windows cost? One great way to save money on the cost of your new aluminium windows is to buy directly from a manufacturer and installer.

At Bifold13 we make all our product meaning there is no trade supply mark up or middle man. Best of all you know who has made your new windows. Our factory and showroom are open for you to view our products as well as see how your new windows are manufactured.

Our tips for buying new aluminium windows.

  • Buy direct from a manufacturer and installer. You are likely to pay less for the same excellent quality windows.
  • Choose a supplier that offers you a range of brands, window styles and designs.
  • Buying direct gives you more choice in colours, handle styles and designs.
  • Buying direct from a manufacturer means you get your windows quicker.

Aluminium window manufacturers for Buckinghamshire and London.

If you are looking to buy new or replacement windows for your home, contact us today or why not visit our showroom? At Bifold13 we can improve the style, security and energy efficiency of your property with the very latest in modern or traditional aluminium windows. Contact us today for a free quotation and advice.


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