Schuco ASS77 Sliding Door

Schuco ASS77 Sliding Door. The ultimate panoramic door.

Bifold13 now offer you the stunning Schuco ASS77 sliding door, one of the latest innovations in slimline, near frameless and panoramic sliding doors.

The new Schuco ASS77 slimline sliding doors provide you with one of the thinnest aluminium patio doors on the market compared to the more standardised doors. The Schuco ASS77 sliding door is a minimalist aluminium sliding door available at the biggest sizes as well.

If you are looking to enhance your home with a large span sliding door, we recommend the Schuco ASS77. Unlike conventional aluminium sliding doors, the Schuco ASS77 offers highly insulated frames yet thin, discreet and maximising the glass area. It is a virtual frameless panoramic aluminium sliding door.

aluminium clad grey external folding-door sets

Features of the Schuco ASS77 Sliding Door.

  • A ‘Panorama’ design gives you super slim sight lines and maximum transparency.
  • Aluminium slimline frames with exceptional thermal insulation.
  • Particularly suitable for large scale sliding doors.
  • Is available with a 90° open corner.
  • Can even slide and hide into a wall.

The Schuco ASS77 sliding door is the latest technology in ‘inline’ sliding doors. Inline doors run along a single track and sit within the perimeter frame. This creates a slimline door without the bulk that can protrude into a room with other systems.

The aesthetics of the Schuco ASS77 sliding door are its greatest asset, with consistent dimensions and sight lines, inside and out. Whichever side you view the door from, the detail remains the same.

Sliding panels can slide to the left or the right, as well as connect to an open corner arrangement. The 90-degree corner provides you with a double aspect sliding door with closed. When fully open they reveal a beautiful open corner with no visible mullion or corner post.

You can also check our selection of bifold and sliding doorsuPVC doorsaluminium windowsGLAZED ROOFSentrance doorsINTEGRAL BLINDSPVCu Windows, and commercial doors. If you would like expert advice or a quote, please check our ONLINE QUOTE, and we will connect you with the nearest distributor.

3 panel external sliding door

Flexible design creates wide and tall sliding doors.

The Schuco ASS77 sliding door enables large span sliding doors. You can design your doors with each panel up to 3.2 metres wide and an impressive 3.5 metres in height. It is the ideal door to meet the requirements of today’s ambitious home renovation projects featuring large sliding glass walls.

The slim lines of the Schuco sliding door give you a centre meeting mullion or just 30mm. The outer frame and the cill can be completely hidden in the building structure as well. Doors look frameless with only the bare minimum of aluminium visible.

Unlike conventional sliding doors that have the rollers fitted to the underside of the sliding panel, the Schuco ASS77 has the rollers built into the bottom cill. The benefit of this is a virtually fully flush threshold as well as seamless access inside and out.

Finally, the option for double or triple glazing is available with the doors accepting glass units of up to 60mm thick. This high glass specification also ensures impressive U-Values of under 1.0Wm2K on the highly insulated version of the door.

Best of all, the Schuco ASS77 sliding door is handle free. These impressive doors are is opened and closed electronically at the touch of a button as no handles are provided. The automatic operation is the logical way for these large doors to operate. At the maximum sizes each panel can weigh up to 500kg. You have the option of wall mounted, remote control or even control with a home automation app.

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