How much do Schuco Aluminium Windows Cost?

The Schuco aluminium windows brand is one of the best in the UK for quality, engineering and technical specifications. If you are planning on replacing your old windows in your house or a looking to build a new extension, Schuco windows will be a great part of your project. These highly engineered aluminium windows are superior to others in many ways, so how much do Schuco aluminium windows cost?

How to price Schuco aluminium windows?

Depending on the stage your project is at, whether still at the design stage or if the window openings are ready, you will need to submit some details to a professional window manufacturer and installer. They will be able to look at your drawings, work with your desired window styles, colour and any other requirements and provide you with an affordable price. However, it is possible to get an approximate idea of the cost.

What affects the how much Schuco aluminium windows cost?

When it comes to understanding the price of Schuco aluminium windows, it is worth remembering they are far from a ‘standard’ aluminium window. Schuco windows are designed to meet the requirements of both residential and commercial building projects. Therefore they come with a very big range of outer frames, opening sections, glazing options and even the choice of manual or automatic operation. You can even bring two schuco windows together to create an internal/external window arrangment for acoustic or buildings with specific window needs such as secure units.

The technical ability of Schuco windows means it’s a good idea to think about what sort of windows you want. You can have:

  • Opening out casement windows.
  • Tilt and turn windows.
  • Windows integrating into doors.
  • Sliding windows.

So once you have decided what style of window you want, the next thing that can affect the price of Schuco aluminium windows is how energy efficient you want them.

Thermal performance can affect the price of your Schuco windows.

Another feature of Schuco windows, making them different from others is you can choose their level of energy efficiency. Many other window brands have just one thermal break in the aluminium profiles, relying upon upgraded glass specification to improve the energy efficiency. Schuco aluminium windows do this too, but they also give you the option of enhancing the thermal insulation in the window profile if you wish. The better the U-Value on your new windows, the more expensive they are likely to be.

Another consideration and one that affects the energy efficiency of a Schuco window is whether you choose double or triple glazing.

Pricing of Schuco windows.

In order of the most expensive to the cheapest, here is how the cost of a typical window is broken down.

  • Materials such as aluminium, hardware, and assembly components.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Installation.
  • Glass.
  • Administration such as surveying or FENSA Registration.

It is the design, aluminium profiles and manufacturing that affects the price of your Schuco windows the most. Installation prices will vary of course. How much you pay for fitting your new Schuco windows depends on the window quantity, their location and whether into existing or new openings.

Other factors affecting the price of Schuco Windows.

If you have previously renovated a property or been involved in a building project you know how hard it is to keep costs under control. There are additional costs that you could affect how much your Schuco aluminium windows cost. Some you will be familiar with, others perhaps not.

  • Is scaffolding required?
  • Are there any special logistical considerations.
  • Storage of materials on site if a substantial window project.
  • Additional Site Surveys (usually allowed for in the overall window prices)
  • Any changes you may decide to make to your project that impact the windows.
  • VAT
  • Any extra materials required with associated delivery charges.

As a general guide, you can expect to pay between £800 and £1100 plus VAT per square metre for a Schuco aluminium window, supplied and fitted. Please be aware this is only a rough price and we encourage you to seek a firm quotation every time. Every project is different and we do of course take the entire project into account as well, when costing your windows.

Looking for Schuco Aluminium Window Prices? Contact Bifold13 today.

You will find many people offering you Schuco aluminium windows, but buying directly from the manufacturer makes these exceptional high-tech windows affordable. Builders and other window firms often buy their windows from trade counters and trade suppliers meaning there can be one or two additional profit margins built into the price affecting how much Schuco aluminium windows cost. Buying your windows direct from a manufacturer may surprise you into how affordable Schuco aluminium windows are.

Contact us today, email us your drawings and let us do the rest. Our quotations are prompt, professional and transparent.


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