Pros and Cons of sliding doors. Should you buy them?

What are the pros and cons of sliding doors and should you have them in your home? There are many benefits to fitting new sliding doors in the house, and we explain what to consider before you buy.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Sliding doors.

The first thing to consider with sliding doors is what material they should be. Aluminium or PVCu sliding doors are often compared, and you will probably read about the weakness of PVCu compared to aluminium. It is true that aluminium is stronger while being slimmer. An aluminium sliding door will look better as a result.

That said, a PVCu patio door is infinitely more reliable than a PVCu bifold door. The main reason for this is that the operational demands on a sliding door are far less. Sliding doors sit within their frame; they do not hinge or open in and out. Therefore there are less moving parts and less stress on the aluminium profiles and hinges.

If budget limits you, it is worth considering a PVCu sliding door, but we think you will get a better, sleeker, slimmer and more visually appealing door in aluminium. Here’s what else you should know about sliding doors in aluminium.

Sliding doors have a bigger glass to aluminium ratio.

Sliding doors have great glass to aluminium ratios meaning you can have big sliding doors and even create panoramic sliding glass walls. The way sliding doors can be joined together as well as the multiple track possibility, makes creating a full sliding glass wall possible. Our Schuco sliding doors, can, in theory, be 15 metres wide and 3 metres high. Bifolding doors in six panels look fantastic. Sliding doors in six panels with big glass panels look panoramic!

How heavy are aluminium sliding patio doors?

With all this glass and large sizes comes weight. So it is logical you will think that sliding doors will be heavy and cumbersome. The opposite is true. The way sliding doors are engineered coupled with the way we make them means large and heavy doors are effortless to open and close. They use sophisticated rollers with weight bearing capability making it possible to slide doors open with one hand effortlessly. Visit our showroom and try them out.

Sliding doors give you the best views.

No other door or window on the market can take glass as big as a sliding door. Therefore if views are most important to you, a sliding door enables you to enjoy these all year round. If you live on a top floor if you have a large garden, sea or countryside views or merely a great view. You will make the most of it winter and summer with a sliding door.

Sliding doors make fantastic room dividers.

A modern, slimline sliding door can create a better room divider than a bifolding door or set of French Doors. The main reason is that a sliding door will take up the least amount of space as well as provide the most glass and least amount of visible frame.

A two panel sliding door will give you just one central frame section. A set of french doors with sidelights will provide you with three thicker mullions and a three panel set of bifolding doors the same.

Sliding doors work very well in creating privacy with a feeling of space. Fit a sliding door between two rooms and a simple push or pull closes or expands your space. Slide the doors open to merge your living or dining room into one large entertaining of family space as you need it.

Thermal values are better with sliding doors.

You may think that a glass sliding door is not very energy efficient. The opposite is true. Glass is the significant component of any door or window. The better the glass, the better the performance.

You will often read about the “U-Value” of a product but what you won’t be told is glass has a U-Value as well. The more glass, the less frame, the better the thermal performance of your new sliding doors overall. It is that simple.

Your final consideration of having a modern sliding door and excellent energy saving is the glass thickness. Most other sliding doors on the market can only take 28mm units. Schuco doors again go better with thicker glass units meaning great low U-Values. If you are looking to get the most out of energy saving in your home, talk to us.

Disadvantages of sliding doors.

The Pros and cons of sliding doors are not equal as these large glass doors can be so beneficial in the home. It is worth considering the possible disadvantages as well.

  • Sliding doors are cheaper than French doors but may be more expensive than bifolding doors. Price depends upon sizes, glass specification and colour.
  • Sliding doors on first floors or above will need specialist equipment to lift and handle your glass.
  • Sliding doors can have a recessed threshold but can’t have a completely flat one like a bifold or French Door.
  • Sliding doors in an existing opening won’t open it up completely.

Contact us today and let us quote you manufacturer-direct prices on Schuco and AluK sliding doors. We offer a choice of aluminium sliding patio doors for external or internal use, professionally made and installed by us.


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